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Staggy The Boyscout Slayer 2

2008-06-26 13:19:25 by NutStation

Staggy is close to our hearts... with his sword ;)

Staggy 1 was the first serious game produced by nutstation. It was made as part of a contest held by stagknight. After the success of this game, Stagknight hired us for a sequel, and that is how Staggy2 came about.

After a lot of low karma moves on the part of our sponsor Stagknight, we would not recommend anyone to use Stagknight as a sponsor in the future.

The point of both staggy games is to protect your forrest from boyscout infesstation. Basically that means killing an increaingly large and advanced army of boyscouts with your sword. After a while you will be able to purchase new weapons, such as better swords, axes, a lawn mover and a chain saw+++

The difference between the games is primarily that the second has rounds, while the first is continuous. The graphics has also been greatly improved, and the boyscouts get a lot more creative in the sequel.

You can
Play Staggy here.


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